Wynwood Black

The Wynwood neighborhood of Miami is directly adjacent to the glimmering skyscrapers, upscale shopping boutiques, and galleries of downtown. But up until the 90’s, almost nobody who didn’t actually live there ever strayed into it, at least on purpose. Economically depressed and forgotten, it was an area simply avoided by visitors and most Miami natives alike.

But then something happened — a renaissance of sorts fueled by the newly burgeoning street art phenomenon. As it turns out, Wynwood was the perfect place for street art. Almost every block in the area had mostly flat, smooth walls originally built as factories and warehouses from an era when Wynwood was a thriving commercial and residential neighborhood in the early 1900’s.

Perfect for street art.

Many of the most famous street artists in the world have displayed their work here over the last few decades, and I visted and revisited the area between 2002 and 2018 recording some of this work.

Unlike art hanging in galleries available only to those wealthy enough to buy it, you could say street art is a pure art available to anyone who wants to see it at any time. You cannot own it. And almost all that you see here is gone now, painted over with new work, such is the nature of street art. It is temporary.

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